What is DRSM-DC?

DRSM-Dashboard Central (DRSM DC) is a software tool for leadership; intended for leaders, decision-makers and managers. These professional functions are characterized by the fact that it is necessary to grasp and assess upcoming situations quickly as well as to make decisions as straight as possible and implement measures. Often the problems associated with having to take actions lie in an insufficient data basis and, when responses are carried out, these remain agreed but frequently undocumented and almost impossible to trace back, let alone being verifiable in terms of success. Moreover, many managers are commandeered to international projects and increasingly lose their connection with their actual work duties: the organization and leadership of their field of responsibility. DRSM DC makes it possible to keep important issues in one’s field of responsibility in focus and define, delegate and monitor decisions – or measures, and to examine their success and bring them to a conclusion.

Keeping control of one’s area of responsibility – taking legally secure action

Loaded in the DRSM DC background, the “area of responsibility” is defined as a section of a – at least in sub-sections – hierarchically organized process model. The processes for which the user has responsibility are clear because they must be allocated to leaders – decision-makers – managers via attributes of responsibility, such as in RACI “Responsible“ and “Accountable”. This is how we create a link into existing process management structures. If tools are used to this end, they can be accessed via interfaces.
Hence, the “planning process management “is continuously linked with the “implementing process management” in DRSM DC. Thus, strategies, goals and key data, risks and risk instances, audits, projects, competences and the related specific measures can be allocated to processes. General improvements are agreed for all other topics. This can happen within the team or also individually.

The intention is to create a tool that is as simple as possible to understand and use, in order to find greatest possible acceptance among people who usually have little time available. Nonetheless, the data is organized systematically. It can be administered manually or automatically. There is a simple cockpit from which to operate the activities, especially the measures. All personal to dos are listed here and can be worked on successively.

Operative process management and data interfaces

DRSM DC – the workflow controlled tool for managers has a modular structure

DRSM DC - workflow control tool for managers that has a modular structure

The DRSM DC base module contains a complete improvement management component (ImprovementCentral) and comprehensive action management and a universal reporting module.

Extension modules (can be integrated individually) allows the management of:

Strategies (StrategyCentral)
Risk (RiskCentral)
Audits (AuditCentral)
Projects (ProjectCentral) and
Meetings (MeetingCentral)

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